Road Signs
AMI Signs

FLI designed and supplied these real time fuel signs on the M5. The project brief required an innovative approach to the design work and a minimised installation timescale. FLI were asked to deliver reduced whole life costs, reduced risk to road workers and a lower environmental impact, compared to a traditional solution.

Fuel Signs

The steel grillage consists of a core frame to support the signage and a modular extension with integral A chamber to cater for two cabinets. An access platform with a staircase was incorporated to allow for maintenance of the sign, removing the need for onsite plant and reducing working at height issues. FLI's grillages are designed to interface with either FLI’s screw piles or micro piles with driven shear tubes, and a range of stub / leg heights fixed into place for use on varying degrees of slope. This wide range of 'kit form' options in the design, enabled FLI to produce a solution for each site more efficiently from a number of common parts, reducing the design and manufacturing programme on the project. The frame incorporated a retaining wall for backfilling on the face closest to the kerb and cladding on the exposed faces.

The Fuel Sign and cabin grillage needed only eight supporting screw piles. FLI's innovative grillage foundations are quick to install, requiring fewer on-site installation shifts compared to concrete. This helps to improve site safety and lower the road works.

Traditional foundations can take up to 4 weeks to excavate, shutter, pour concrete and cure and present additional problems on sloping sites such as those within this project. Concrete was also not a cost effective solution for soft ground to depth, as in this case. The screw pile foundations which were produced in FLI’s factory, were installed in two shifts, with pile testing, grillage assembly and signage installation completed in only three more shifts. This was despite the fact that the ground was very soft, so the piles were relatively long.

The scheme was completed for Highways England, incident free and fabricated in accordance with HSS20 and steel to execution class 3.

Ami Signs

Advanced Message Indicator (AMI) signs can also be supported on a single FLI screw pile foundation.

Large diameter screw piles work in bending to take the movement from the sign. They can be installed in an hour, the sign can then be mounted during the same shift.

FLI's in-house installation teams can carry out the work at night, saving money for the contractor and improving journey time reliability for motorists.