MS3/MS4 & Gantry Foundations

With extensive experience across all infrastructure sectors, FLI deliver steel foundations which give whole project cost savings and program efficiencies in most situations.

MS4 Grillage For Two Cabinets

FLI's steel grillage foundations can be supplied with or without cabinets. The frames can be used in conjunction with screw piles or micro piles and our solutions are suitable for sloping sites, where we can also provide cladding and integrated retaining walls.
Installations can be completed within 2 shifts, significantly less than traditional foundation solutions. Time savings and limited excavations can improve safety and less traffic management reduces journey times for road users.

Landing Platform

FLI can design and manufacture steel foundations for gantries. Our portal gantry grillages are designed to meet any requirements and bolt together for easier logistics, handling and installation. They are modular and can often be extended easily. Screw pile foundation designs are suited to all types of portal gantry structures. In particular FLI offer these cost effective solutions for soft ground conditions, where traditional piling is more expensive and concrete is technically unsuitable. We can also offer micropiled solutions for harder ground which fit the same grillages, offering flexibility for a range of ground conditions.


AD1003F Brings Hope To Rural areas

AD1003F Brings Hope To Rural Teenagers.

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