Increasing Value

Reducing Risk

As an example FLI Single Pile LOC Platforms, are mounted on a single 355mm screw pile. With no concrete and just one screw pile, the entire installation of both foundation and assembled platform can be carried out in a single shift. Less time on site, less risk. The single pile also lessens the chance of clashing with existing obstructions and services. These advantages, along with the cost benefits, extend to double or triple loc platforms which can also be built off the single pile.

Innovation Culture

Our well established culture of engineering innovation has produced many solutions that deliver cost savings for both products and installations.

  • Network Rail Innovation Award winner for lightweight grillages.
  • Birse Rail Innovation Award for refuges on hand installed piles.
  • Flexi-Pile Caps for remediation of problem OLE piles.
  • Single pile LOC platforms
  • Hinged monopoles and rapid deployment foundation solutions developed with Network Rail for the GSM-R program.

Delivering Value

At the centre of what we do is the complete set of in-house capabilities that we bring to a project. Design Engineers, Drawing Office, Project Managers and Installation Crews, working closely with our fabrication shops. This broad range of skills enables FLI to deliver turnkey solutions. With just one company involved, programme questions are answered quickly and simply. Our ability to produce to the highest standards, including nuclear, gives us the capacity to innovate in real time on projects without loss of quality. Every job is unique yet we maintain a reject rate below 0.04%, this flexibility with competence enables our customers to solve their problems and streamline their projects.

Delivering Value