Masts & Towers

Guyed Masts

FLI have built and installed guyed masts around the world and have a large selection of parallel mast modules with guy attachments designed for these applications. They are the most cost effective way to support equipment at height, if the land is available to accomodate the guy footprint.

Masts Up To 300 Metres Tall

FLI's guyed masts are triangular light masts that are fully welded, with tube legs and either tubular or bent solid bar braces. They can be bolteed or fully welded. For special applications, each face can be supplied separately, ready for site assembly. This allows the sections to be packed flat, giving significant transport cost savings and where required, easy manual portability to site. Otherwise, modules can be fully assembled or even piece small.

Fully Welded Unimast

Our lightweight Unimast range is fully welded in 3 metre long sections, light enough to be carried by a single man and are built to heights of 85 metres. 

FLI's complete range is supplied in sections up to three metres wide and 7 metres long and is capable of 300 metre tall installations.
FLI can design and supply derrick and falling derrick poles for installation without a crane where needed.


AD1003F Brings Hope To Rural areas

AD1003F Brings Hope To Rural Teenagers.

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