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Lattice Towers

With a 70 year history in lattice tower production and the more recent acquisition of Alan Dick Towers and Masts, FLI has a very comprehensive range of off the shelf structural options which can save design costs, as often bespoke solutions are not required. Lattice towers typically provide a more flexible solution compared to monopoles, allowing for additional antenna and providing more flexibility in the feeder installation and good access to the telecoms equipment. They are also easier to extend for future additional antenna or users.

FLI manufacture various types of Lattice Towers from slender single user options to large multi user switch structures.

Angle Lattice Towers

Angle towers are often the most economic solution. Made from individual bolted elements, these structures are ideal for hand build sites with limited access. When supplied ‘piece small’ or in assembled faces, a complete tower occupies a low volume for more efficient shipping.


Solid Rod Lattice Towers

Solid bar towers combine slim, low visual impact solutions with high load carrying capabilities. The fully welded modules enable rapid installation of towers on site. Towers up to 30 metres can be installed with ancillaries in a single day.

Tubular Lattice Towers

Tubular towers are the most structurally efficient and lightest solution They are often used for tall towers. The towers can be hand assembled if required and we have done so on remote islands. We have a wide range of antenna mountings and work platforms available. We can provide these towers to heights over 130 metres, with up to 8 decks and the ability to house 70 dishes or 200 feeders.

Turnkey Service

FLI has in-house design engineers, project management, fabrication and installation/rigging teams. We can design and supply a bespoke rigging pole for hand installation if needed. We are also a major manufacturer of steel foundations, which means we can offer a complete turnkey service. We have the ability to take your project from start to finish without extended lines of communication or conflicting interests.


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