Masts & Towers

Met Masts

Our Meteorological Masts are installed at wind farm sites to collect windspeed data at height. The Met Masts are often in place in advance of the wind turbines to ensure the location for the wind farm is appropriate and to develop a business case.

Onshore & Offshore Permanent Met Masts

Our free-standing permanent Met Masts range from 5 metres to 300 metres high using guyed mast technology, they have a slim profile with efficient member sizes resulting in minimal visual impact and more importantly limiting wind disturbance, improviny the accuracy of the data. These members have welded modules to provide quick installation and reduced maintenance. All our towers are designed to BS8100 parts 1 and 3 then supplied to the customer galvanised to BS EN  ISO1461 with a minimum design life of 25 years. We supply hinged or sliding booms on rollers if required to ensure that the anometers are in as much clear air as possible but can be retractedfor maintenance.

FLI can offer a full turnkey service, from bespoke design of both the mast and its foundations, right through to installation and commissioning. Our rigging teams can maintain your mast over its working life.

Onshore Temporary Met Masts

When developing smaller sites onshore, permanent Met Masts are sometimes inappropriate. FLI can provide smaller temporary guyed structures which can be removed and re-used once your site has been commissioned. These structures are lighter but require a larger footprint for guyed wires to be attached. They can be moved onto subsequent development sites. All anemometer equipment required can be attached to these structures giving developers all required site performance data.


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