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FLI provide a full range of monopoles as an alternative to lattices for urban or semi urban environments. Our monopoles are available up to 30 metres and can be designed to support between 1 and 4 users or sets of antenna. Monopoles are the slimmest and most elegant structural option and our dual, three or four user models can be shared between companies to help with planning issues.

Single User Monopoles

Single user monopoles are available in light or heavy duty versions, with the versatility to mount dishes above or below the panel antennae. The structures feature an external spine or traditional ladder, anti-climb door, latch-way fall arrest system and conveniently positioned foot plates and attachment rings as standard. These structures are galvanised to BS EN 1461 and are available in set heights from 12.5 to 30 metres with bespoke options available upon request.

Dual User Monopoles

For site sharing, FLI offer a range of dual user monopoles. These structures feature external spine or traditional ladders, anti-climb doors and latch-way fall arrests systems. They provide easy access for both users with conveniently positioned foot plates and attachment rings for both users.They can be supplied with two delta or ring head frames or antenna poles close to the structure. The monopoles are galvanised to BS EN 1461, and supplied in set heights from 12.5 to 30 metres, with bespoke options available.


AD1003F Brings Hope To Rural areas

AD1003F Brings Hope To Rural Teenagers.

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