Masts & Towers


Masts & Towers


For sites with planning constraints or specific aesthetic requirements FLI has designed a selection of telecom masts in the form of artificial trees. Our trees have been installed for all the major networks in many locations throughout the world and are used as solutions in sensitive areas such as Snowdonia and Canary Wharf.

Cypress Tree

The FLI Cypress Tree conceals all mounted equipment within its foliage and is available in heights from 8 to 30 metres with bespoke versions possible. The range is able to accommodate up to three users with six antenna at each level. All steel within the tree is galvanized, the trunk is painted with a bark effect and designs can be made expandable and climbable.

Dead Oak Tree

The FLI Dead Oak Tree has a realistic latex bark finish, convincing proportions and an internal ladder. The antenna, TMUs and dish are completely hidden within a GRP shroud.

Pine Tree

FLI's Pine Tree is available in heights up to 36 metres, with capacity for four users. It is climbable, via removable steps and a fixed fall arrest system. Working with Loughborough University and the Ministry of Defence, our pine trees along with the rest of our range have been tested for UV stability, fire resistance, RF transparency even when iced and wind tunnel testing up to 136mph.

Elm Tree

The FLI Elm Tree is available in heights up to 22.5 metres. It is similar to the Oak tree but is a slimmer structure, suitable for single users, with a removable aluminium ladder and the dish located in an open 'knot' hole.


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