Flexi-Pile Cap


Flexi-Pile Cap

The Flexi-Pile Cap is a remedial solution for 610 & 762 diameter piles

in particular piles that refuse early and do not achieve full depth, or are out of rotational tolerance.  The Flexi-Pile Cap provides a quick 'cut and drill' solution that removes the need for re-welding new bosses on site, improving the productivity of pile installations.

Customers with foundations in uncertain ground save money and add predictability to their planning by specifying plain or drilled piles and Flexi-Pile Caps from the beginning.

No On-Site Hot Works

The pile is cut off at the required level, correcting the effects of the refusal. Holes are marked out and drilled using the templates provided, allowing for a revision in alignment, with slotted bolt holes increasing rotational tolerance.

The Flexi-Pile Cap components can be brought to site by hand although a single piece cap can be provided if there is plant available to lift.

No interface Plate Required for Any Size of Pile

The structure can now be landed into position. A range of Pile-Caps are available for different sized structures, which removes the need for interface plates.

The foundation is ready for the structure quicker and at lower cost compared with re-welding new 610 or 762 pile bosses.

Fast, Low Risk Solution to Pile Refusal

FLI's Flexi-Pile Cap is covered by the Patent Pending GB 2537074


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