LOC & Refuge Platforms

LOC and refuge platforms, supported by FLI Structures screwpile foundations.

Single Pile LOC Platform

LOC platforms with an interface that builds off a single 355 screw pile. With just one steel pile there is a significant cost reduction for both the product and installation. One four metre pile in normal ground can be installed in minutes with the entire installation finished in just one possession. One foundation pile is much easier to work around existing services and structures, as well as minimising delays when installing into difficult ground.

Refuge Platforms

FLI's platforms can be installed either as fully assembled units, or 'piece small' for green zone working to reduce possessions. Green zone working can extend to the foundations using FLI's hand installed screw piles, greatly reducing overall costs.

Multi LOC Platforms

With a low number of piles and a modular design which future-proofs installations, our multi LOC platforms can be installed with up to seven cabinets and are built up off the same system with the same advantages as our smaller solutions. They use just four screw piles for triple LOCs which reduces on-site times, simplifies installation and facilitates bridging of existing services. Our double and triple LOCs cantilever off a single platform core, removing the need for additional foundations. Platforms carrying more than three LOCs can be built off just two cores.


FLI platforms comply with all Network Rail standards, they meet NR/CIV/SD/616 specifications and are Form 3 approved. The installation processes reduce both risk and cost.


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