FLI is an incumbent supplier to Network Rail of OLE steelwork into major electrification projects across the UK.


We have two factories available to meet peaks in demand. With production lines and procedures set up specifically to meet the needs of OLE project delivery and a capacity exceeding 200 masts per month, FLI is well positioned to continue supplying steelwork into electrification programs around the country.


Our in-house engineering team have worked closely with Network Rail engineers on rationalisation and to identify efficiencies on existing designs. They have also worked collaboratively with Network Rail on new solutions, including the Flexi-Pile Cap, an offset foundation beam and new OLE cantilever products.


Our exacting QA standards have lead to a 0.04% defect rate in our outputs, against a steel industry standard rate of 3%. We are fully certified to all relevant quality standards and are accredited to manufacture to Execution Class 4. FLI is also accredited to the onerous Fit for Nuclear standard, demonstrating our excellence in quality.
This is particularly relevant when products are being installed during expensive possessions and blockades.


FLI can fabricate and supply the complete range of Series 1 and Series 2 mast designs.
Bespoke solutions including interface base steelwork can be developed and manufactured if required, working with our in-house engineering team who have a strong track record of innovation in the sector and successful partnerships with Network Rail.


We can manufacture all sizes of cantilever and portal booms in the current OLE ranges. The biggest pieces are the long Mid Point Anchor Booms that we supplied to the Greater West modernisation program, at over 27m long.
FLI is geared up for volume output with a production capacity for booms above 100 per month. We have production lines set up for Q Booms, Mono Anchor Booms, Mid Point Anchors and Single Track Cantilevers.

With the demanding manufacturing schedules and shifting delivery dates that these projects often involve, our three acre storage yard is often in itself an essential facility for our partners.

Flexi-Pile Cap

The Flexi-Pile Cap is a solution for 610 and 762 piles that have refused or are out of rotational alignment. The Flexi-Pile Cap provides a straightforward 'cut down and drill' solution that removes the need to re-weld the bosses and can reduce site time by up to 70%.
Customers with foundations in uncertain ground save money and reduce programme risk by specifying plain tube piles and Flexi-Pile Caps from the beginning.

This solution improves the completed productivity of driven pile installations.


AD1003F Brings Hope To Rural areas

AD1003F Brings Hope To Rural Teenagers.

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