Platform Extensions

FLI design engineers are able to design platform extension foundations using screwpiles which are quick and easy to install, minimising disruption.

Steel Foundations For Modular Platforms

Screw pile foundations are ideal for modular platform installations. They are quick to install, with no concrete to pour and the piles used are much smaller than driven piles which is a great advantage on sites with limited access and space. This enables green zone working with platform foundations constructed without the need for possessions.

Design Flexibility and Short Lead times

FLI’s design engineering capabilities complement the nature of platform extension schemes. Illustrated here is the platform at Castle Bar Park. Construction had begun when previously unknown buried services were encountered. FLI was able to continue piling for the front of the platform while our engineers were re-designing the back. Despite the platform requiring a completely revised solution, the redesign was straightforward and the foundations were still completed within a week, without any line closure and with very limited site access.


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AD1003F Brings Hope To Rural Teenagers.

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