Signal Gantries

FLI gantries and posts offer faster install times, reduced risk during install, leaner structures, integrated foundation options and an in-house design service for bespoke solutions.

Reduced install times

Our quick fit dropper cages are simply raised up to the gantry and clip themselves into position. The connection is made permanent from the gantry above. This design offers the following.

  • Faster install.
  • Reduces the need to work at height.
  • A saving on rigging plant.
  • Eliminating potential alignment problems and consequent costs.
  • More flexible installation procedure.

Leaner Structures

Tubular columns have an intrinsic torsional resistance which enables a lighter, simpler and cheaper route to meeting PAN 17 requirements than lattice column designs.
Our gantries use hollow section beams. Again these are lighter and reduce foundation loads.
Compatibility with screw pile bases which FLI also produce, enables our engineers to optimise deflection throughout the entire solution, which permits smaller foundations, reducing both supply and installation costs. In addition, the simplification of the supply chain reduces the risk of complications during delivery.

In House Capabilities

FLI Structures have a complete suite of in-house capabilities. Our engineers are able to tailor every gantry to meet specific requirements and with our design teams on the same site as production, this process is fast and efficient, with a reject rate below 0.04%.

Meeting Standards

Our gantries are able to incorporate OLE meshing and comply with Network Rail, HMRI and HSE standards.  They can be supplied with anti-climb guards, signal mounting supports, black backboards and foundation connection plates.


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