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Helical Steel Screw Piles & Screw Pile Foundations

Why are Screw Piles cost effective & beneficial?

FLI Structures are the UK's number 1 in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of Screw Piles and Steel Grillages. 

Helical steel screw piles, are a piling innovation designed by Irish engineer Alexander Mitchell for use on lighthouse supports in the 1830s.Nearly 200 years ago, this original technology was versatile, relatively inexpensive and easy and fast to use. These same benefits accrue to modern day projects that use helical screw piles. The helical screw pile is a versatile, environmentally friendly and cost-effective technology with many uses across such industries as transport, communications and civil engineering.

What are Helical Steel Screw Piles?

A Helical Screw Pile consists of a galvanised steel shaft onto which is welded a series of low-pitched circular steel plates. The FLI Screw Piles vary in diameter from tens to hundreds of millimetres, and are screwed into the ground with hand-held or machine-mounted hydraulic or electrically powered drilling equipment. We have a large range of torque motors including the UK's biggest, that can install the foundation system when accompanied by plant. FLI Screw Piles will support structures in both tension and compression. Applications range from underpinning to support of roadside or railside structures such as signs and gantries.

The piles are individually designed by our engineers to suit the ground conditions on each specific site. The torques are recorded during installation to confirm that adequate capacity has been achieved. Testing can be done, if required. FLI Structures have in house capabilities to test Screw Piles and reassure correct installation has been carried out in accordance with the Screw Pile Design. FLI offer Helical Screw Pile tension testing to the design capacity.

Where can Helical Steel Screw Piles be used?

Helical piles are faster and more efficient than most other foundation solutions and can therefore be used in on projects, including Met Masts, Portal Gantries and Retaining Walls.FLI cover a wide range of markets with such products, from Highways and Railways to civil engineering. Engineers are increasingly limited by restricted sites, environmental constraints or a minimal duration to working on a site. This is why the speed of helical screw piles technology is so important.

Benefits Of FLI Screw Piles

  • Quick to install - saving time & money

  •  No excavations or spoil to cart away - saving money, particularly if there is contaminated ground

  •  No concrete or curing time - enables speedier commissioning of sites

  •  Small footprint - enables smaller bases in restricted areas

  •  Flexible design - frames can be designed to bridge services allowing areas with congested services to built on.

  • Sustainable solution - they are removable & re-useable.

  •  Installation in low temperatures - no down time, unlike concrete

  • Cost effective solution in soft ground, where traditional piling is more expensive and concrete is technically unsuitable 

  • Minimal noise - dependant upon excavation but most installs are below 80db

  • Minimal Vibration - Working next to existing buildings is no issue. Our peak vibration if there are ground obstructions rarely exceed 5mm/s and our average vibrations during operation is less than 1mm/s.

FLI Structures have been in steel works for over 60 years and they are the leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of helical screw pile and steel grillage foundations. They have many awards and certificates to prove their dedication and experience to the industry.