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FLI has been designing and fabricating steel structures for over 70 years. We started in the telecoms sector, have grown onto three sites and expanded into the rail, highways, nuclear, wind energy and construction markets.

With complete in-house design project management, design, manufacturing and installation capabilities and a rich culture of quality and innovation, we are able to develop and produce steel structures to the highest standards.

We have a history of supplying products for substantial call-off contracts, for rail electrification and mobile phone technology with our designs forming over half of the UK network. We also design innovative solutions to our customers' problems, such as challenging ground or site conditions or a need to deliver very fast design and build, to developing designs which improve programme reliability. Some of our projects are small and completed quickly, some are large and lengthy - we don't mind either.

We work closely with our customers to deliver what they want. Our track record in quality backs up this approach, with quality control producing a defect rate below 0.04% (against a 3% industry average) and a Health and Safety culture and record recognised with the ROSPA Gold Award, our systems exceed normal industry standards as demonstrated by our rating as 'Fit For Nuclear'.

Healthy and safety

FLI is accredited to ISO 18001. We work to a well developed set of internal policies and procedures. These are live documents, which are developed and improved continuously to reflect new standards and capture lessons learnt. We ensure that everyone in our business recognises the importance of high quality, health and safety and environmental standards and that this is driven by innovation and continuous improvement. With dedicated Health and Safety staff and practices in place for work environments as exacting as London underground and nuclear.

This approach and the rigour of our implementation is reflected in FLI holding a ROSPA Gold Award. We also won a safety award from Birse Rail for our Refuge Platform which is safer to install on the rail network than standard designs.

However, we firmly believe that at the heart of safety is positive culture, with everyone working together and taking responsibility.


FLI is accredited to ISO14001. Fabrication at FLI is a component of sustainable national infrastructure. Steel is a sustainable material, big steel (hot rolled structural sections) have a recycling rate in the UK of over 99%. This has a major impact on embodied energy and primary sector involvement.

FLI make steel structures which improve the fundamentally greener parts of our infrastructure like railways and telecommunications. We have teams of engineers re-designing products and processes to create leaner, more efficient solutions, reducing material, energy and transport consumption. Our factories adopt current technologies to deliver the most energy efficient production process possible.


We manufacture to Execution Class 4. We are accredited to ISO 9001 and 'Fit For Nuclear' as well as many other standards. We have a defect rate below 0.04% against an industry standard of 3%.

We work in quality critical environments like offshore power and nuclear power stations. When research on site would be costly because of remoteness or difficulty of access, FLI carries out a 'remote inspection', which is an additional check to avoid on site issues. We also trial fit or erect all new designs at our facility.

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