We manufacture up to Execution Class 4 standard and are accredited to ISO 9001 and 'Fit For Nuclear', plus many other standards. We have a defect rate below 0.01% against an industry standard of 3%.

FLI work in quality critical environments like offshore and nuclear power station sites. When research on site would be costly because of the distance to site or difficulty of access, FLI carries out a 'remote inspection', which is an additional check to avoid on site issues. We also trial fit or erect all new designs at our facility.

FLI work to Execution Class 4


We operate in a number of markets where progress on sustainability is being made. In particular, for Control Period 6, Network Rail is ‘deploying sustainability Requirements’ and rail is one of FLI’s key markets. Engaging fully with sustainability issues is no longer optional for the supply chain. We recognise that the work that our QHSE team has invested over the last few years (improving the accuracy and range of our monitoring and bringing our sustainability progress in line with the rest of our quality standards), will play an increasingly important role in strengthening our value to the market. Our main material is 99% recycled and our products are designed for re-use. We always have lean working and reduced waste in mind for our designs and processes.

Download Sustainability Guide

Download Sustainability Guide

Health and safety

Accredited to ISO45001 and holding a ROSPA Gold Award, with dedicated Health and Safety staff. We work to a well developed set of internal H&S policies and procedures. These are live documents, which are developed and improved continuously to reflect new standards and capture lessons learnt. We ensure that everyone in our business recognises the importance of health and safety and environmental standards and this is driven by innovation and continuous improvement. FLI has been undertaking behavioural safety for over a decade and have found that it's an essential ingredient to improving safety. 

FLI Health and Safety achieves ISO 18001 and ROSPA Gold

FLI off the shelf products for telecoms and rail markets

Standard Products

FLI Structures have a wide range of existing standard product designs for all sectors. This is particularly the case for Telecoms, where our 70 year history was augmented recently by our acquisition of Alan Dick Towers and Masts. This means FLI hold the master designs for over half of the towers and masts in the UK. We have an 'off the shelf' solution for almost any new build or upgrading project.

Bespoke Designs

FLI’s greatest strength lies in our engineering design capability. Our in-house engineering and drawing office teams are in the same building as the fabrication facility, project management and installation teams. This means that not only are our engineers able to produce bespoke designs to meet any clients' needs, they also design for manufacturing, logistical and installation efficiency. 

Bespoke Designs from FLI engineers

Structural Analysis

Any structure originally supplied by FLI can be analysed for equipment upgrades or other requirement changes. We offer the same service for structures from other manufacturers, though obviously depending on the information available, this can require a survey.

FLI Installation Crews

FLI Structures has complete in-house capabilities to install any steel structure, from gantries to 300 metre masts. We can offer hand install solutions and lifting derricks. Our teams have installed towers and masts around the world from the Falklands to Norway. Delivering the cost and risk benefits to customers achieved by a one company turnkey solution.

Pile Installer Training

FLI screw pile training courses take place at FLI's premises and are carried out by our structural engineers, with sessions covering the theory of screw piling, practical hands on work and trouble shooting discussions. There is a test taken before competence certificates are issued and we audit trainees on real sites.  Separate courses are run for hand held piling and performing screw pile tension and compression tests.

Torque Motor Hire

In addition to training, FLI has torque motors available to hire for installing our screw piles. These range from the small PD15 hand held motors all the way up to FLI's very powerful PD210.

Pile Testing

FLI is able to test screwpiles to ensure an installation has been carried out in accordance with the design.  FLI offer helical pile tension testing up to 150% of working load.  Compression or lateral screw pile testing are also available. We are able to conduct tests in line with ICE specifications and can carry out maintained load, cyclic load and constant rate load tests.

Geotechnical Investigation

We carry out full Geotechnical Investigations. By tailoring these precisely to the requirements of the product, we are able to reduce costs while lowering the risk of either pile refusal or the need for longer piles.

FLI produce Desk Study reports including GDR (Geotechnical Design Reports), GIR (Geotechnical Investigation Reports) and GFR (Geotechnical Feedback Report) for Highways. Where required, we can work in accordance with HD 22/08 and with BS EN 1997-2.

FLI Torque Motor Hire for screw piling