Terma Radar

In addition to traditional radar applications, FLI supplies towers for the Terma Surface Movement Radar system used at many major airports, as well as for Terma Mitigation Radar, which is used to counter the disruption traffic control radar experiences around large wind farms.

Radar Brochure

FLI Terma Radar

FLI radar towers to airports and military aviation around the world.

Radar Towers

FLI Structures provide radar towers to the Military and Civil Aviation industries, installing them in some of the busiest airports across the globe. Our radar towers remain in operation after many years in extreme climates from the Arctic Circle to the equator.

The deflection and torsional rotation limits on these types of structures are particularly tight and the radar unit wind loads are high. Hence the frame of the equipment cabin below the radar pedestal, acts as a major structural element, transferring the radar loads to the tower. The tower itself is a relatively stiff structure and usually comes with an internal staircase for maintenance. FLI can provide a design to support a radome if needed. These towers also require cladding to the cabin, staircases, large finials, feeder management and cadin fit out.

Hybrid Lattice Towers

FLI are leaders in the design, supply and installation of Hybrid Towers throughout the UK. Hybrid Towers are steel lattice from ground level, interfacing with a timber lattice upper section. Typically between 15m and 50m in height, Hybrid Towers are used for mounting “ground to air” communications antenna for both military and civilian markets. FLI design these structures in-house to BS8100/Eurocode and for site specific loadings and our clients requirements.


Hybrid Lattice Towers

Radar Monopoles

These are a new range of structures, introduced for carrying Surface Movement Radar at airports and windfarm mitigation systems. They are installed at a number of UK airports, where their slim lines fit well in the built up environments.

Radar Monopole