pile installation refusal solved

Pile Installation Problems Solved

It is sometimes necessary to mount OLE (overhead line electrification) structures on circular piles that have been damaged during installation, are out of alignment, have refused before reaching full depth, are in the wrong position or need to bridge existing services. The Flexi-Pile cap is a cut and drill solution with no need for hot works on site. A complete  range of tabs and bridging beams to solve all installation problems.

Part of the Network Rail Master Series and covered by Patent No: P002974GB01

Piling In Uncertain Ground

When the ground conditions are challenging and piles are expected to refuse early or not be installed in the required location, costs and programme risk can be reduced by specifying plain tube and Flexi-Pile Caps at the outset. This reduces the cost of the pile by omitting the bosses which partly covers the cost of the caps. The remainder of the cost will be recouped by having a ready made solution to early refusal, misalignment or incorrect location of piles. This solution is quick and avoids hot works.

More information on the Flexi-Pile Cap range can be found in the guide.

Flexi-Pile Cap Guide

flexi pile cap

For structures on 610mm piles.

Part No OLE12 - Master Series: 315.90015

For structures on 762mm piles.

Part No OLE20 - Master Series: 315.90013


762mm pile installation problems solved flexi pile cap

mount 762 structure on 610 pile rail flexi pile cap

Mounting 762mm pile structures on 610mm piles.

UK Patent No: P002974GB01

Master Series No: 315.90020

Flexi-Adaptor Beam

A solution for piles that are out of alignment or when there is a need to bridge existing services.

Mount double channel masts without using an adaptor plate.

UK Patent No: P002974GB01

flexi adaptor beam piles bridging services

Cut down and drill solution that removes the need for welding new bosses on site.

No welding on site reduces the risk to programme. The elimination of hot works also lowers the risk to the workforce. It removes the need for on-site weld testing and painting and Flexi-Pile Cap components can be brought to site by hand.

flexi pile cap no hot works


Overhead Line Equipment


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Framework Supplier

FLI is a Network Rail framework supplier for overhead line equipment steelwork for projects across the UK. With production lines and procedures tailored to OLE project delivery, we have capacity exceeding 200 masts and 100 booms per month. Our engineers have worked with Network Rail to introduce efficiencies to existing designs and developed new solutions, including the Flexi-Pile Cap and Offset Foundation Beam.

Masts and Booms

FLI manufactures all masts and booms from Series 1, Series 2 and the Master Series, including the 27m Mid Point Anchor Booms supplied to the Greater West programme. Our output defect rate is just 0.01% (in 2018 against a 3% industry average), significantly reducing on site delays.