Designing and supplying the structures and foundations for GSM-r Network.
The Global System for Mobile Communications-railway (GSM-r) project ensures digital, secure and dependable communications between train drivers and signallers. It delivers significant benefits across the industry and helping to reduce delays. The GSM-r System increases safety, improves performance and provides better passenger experiences throughout the UK's rail network.
FLI supplied over 2500 towers and monopoles for the GSM-r project. There were many variations in height and design to suit locations and access restrictions, so FLI designed modular, flexible ranges. This enabled us to deliver a tower at short notice and create bespoke solutions from standard items. We applied the same principles to our rapid deployment foundations, which involved screwpiles or ballast blocks and steel interface grillages. These could be installed in a couple of shifts, which is so much quicker and less disruptive than pouring concrete and has a much lower carbon footprint.

Rail Telecoms Brochure

GSM-r rail telecoms monopole on rapid deployment grillage

Monopoles and Lattice Towers for RIDC and GSMr networks

Monopoles and Lattice Towers

With engineering expertise from a 70 year history in telecoms markets, FLI own a catalogue of 'off the shelf' tower and monopole designs, which in addition to GSM-r, represent the largest proportion of the UK’s mobile phone network.

Rapid Deployment Platforms & Towers.

A complete solution for rapid deployment platform foundations and telecoms towers. Particularly suitable for sloping sites or soft ground.

rail telecoms towers 5g rapid deployment foundations and tower

repeater post kentlidge foundation

Rapid Deployment Repeater Post

Hinged posts mounted on our Kentlidge foundations have been used for WiFi antenna and repeater sites across the GSM-r network. This combined structure and foundation offers an extremely fast and low cost installation. With no plant, green Zone working is possible and ground intrusion, is minimal. Crucially, all components including the Kentlidge foundation are 'hand carryable'. The hinged posts have 5m and 8m height options.

5G Development

5G mobile phone networks with higher loadings are in the pipeline for FLI and we are engaged in developing new structures and solutions for a technology that will play a part in rail telecommunication systems in the near future.

5g rail telecoms mobile network