Lightweight GRP/steel MK4 LOC Platforms

Network Rail approved compact 1.8m x 3.0m single LOC. A simplified LOC platform design, with a faster install time and a lower price.
Features GRP handrail and flooring, a direct connection to the cable trough and a built in firebox accessed from above. The platform has upbank and downbank options, can be supplied pre-assembled or flat-pack and with an FLI screwpile foundation, is ideal for a single shift install, steep slopes or soft ground. The lightweight and simplicity of this MK4 platform means that a complete hand install of both the platform and its screw pile foundation is possible.

Single Pile Foundations

LOC platforms can be mounted on a single 355 FLI screw pile. With just one steel pile there is a cost reduction for both product and installation. One four metre pile in normal ground can be installed in minutes with the entire installation finished in just one possession. One foundation pile is much easier to work around existing services, obstructions and structures, as well as minimising delays when installing in difficult ground.

single pile foundation LOC platform

Full Range Of LOC Platform Capacities.

Double, triple and quad LOC platforms are cantilevered off the standard platform. This enables higher capacity installations to be mounted on the same number of piles as smaller platforms. One, two or four pile options for double and triple LOCs and two or six pile options for a quad.

LOC location platforms

refuge platform

Refuge Platforms

FLI's refuge platforms can be installed either as fully assembled units, or 'piece small' for green zone working to reduce possessions. Green zone working can extend to the foundations using FLI's hand installed screw piles, greatly reducing overall costs.

Laydown Platforms

laydown platform

Screw Piles and H Piles

Steel foundations enable straightforward complete installations on sloping sites in a single shift. Screw piles can be installed with an RRV in poor ground and require no curing time. They meet sustainability criteria with a much lower carbon footprint than concrete and unlike driven piles, are easily recovered, delivering a 100% recycle rate.

Download Screw Pile Guide

screw pile platform foundations