We are the largest company in the UK designing, manufacturing and installing large diameter screwpiles. These steel foundations offer advantages over mass concrete bases, with fast installation, design flexibility on challenging sites and improved sustainability performance.
With no concrete to pour and cure, both foundation and superstructure can often be installed in a single shift. Screwpiles and grillages are able to cope with steep slopes, soft ground, congested sites and restricted access.
FLI engineers design screwpiles for structures across all infrastructure markets, from single post signage to 60m towers and cantilever gantries.

For a full description of screwpile advantages and limitations, download our screw pile guide.

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Screw Piles

Rapid Deployment Foundations

This solution comprises a grillage supported on screwpiles, microplies or ballast. Our off the shelf or bespoke designs support anything from transmission towers to motorway gantries. Able to cope with steep slopes, congested sites or soft ground, the grillages can be buried or incorporate working platforms, cabinets and steps. The solution can be tailored to the specific requirements of the client. For example, FLI Structures received a supplier 'Innovation in Rail' award from Network Rail for a lightweight collapsible grillage range for monopoles and lattice towers up to 15m in height. The collapsible grillages are simple to transport and handle, allowing easier access to restricted sites. The solution separated the functions on standard designs, reducing the weight of the foundations by more than half.

Rapid Deployment Foundations