Platform Extensions

FLI’s design engineering capabilities and flexible solutions align well with platform extension schemes. At Castle Bar Park previously unknown buried services were encountered and FLI installers were able to continue piling for the front of the platform while our engineers were re-designing the rear piles. Despite the platform requiring modification, the redesign was produced quickly and the foundations were still completed within a week.

FLI design rapid deployment Platform Extensions and platform foundations

Footbridges and Footbridge Foundations

Using screw piles instead of concrete for footbridge foundations, speeds up and simplifies the installation programme. There is no curing time and no problems with sloping sites or soft ground. Screw piles can be installed in minutes and a bridge landed on the following shift. No excavation means no spoil to move. The design offers flexibility to work around existing services and a smaller footprint when needed.

Footbridges and Footbridge Foundations designed, fabricated and installed by FLI Structures