pile steel grillage foundations

Pile and Steel Grillage Foundations

Cost competitive 5G tower bases which reduce timescales for both outage and build. They have small footprints which fit within existing compounds, lowering acquisition costs. Also bridging existing bases and services, avoiding the need to breakout concrete or re-route power.

These rapid deployment steel foundations use no concrete, so require no curing time. Unlike ballast solutions there is space for the cabinets on the grillage at a good working height. They can be installed above or below ground, using smaller plant and less trackway and are easily adapted to accomodate unexpected obstructions on site.

5g tower grillage  pile foundation

Upgrade To 5G Site Share With No Outage.

Slim profile 5G towers with the option to upgrade later to site share with a second headframe. The existing base is utilised with a pile system to create a hybrid solution (patent pending). Minimal disruption and no outage except for any antenna swap. 

lattice tower upgrade to 5g

grillages steel foundations screw piles

Available from FLI.

Design of piles & steel grillages for almost any structure, site and ground.
Screw piles and micro piles.
4 pile and 8 pile grillages.
Site surveys.
Supply and installation.
Suitable for lattice towers, monopoles, tree masts and streetworks poles.