GDC Global design check by FLI Structures Tower surveys

Global Design Checks & Structural Analysis.

As FLI Structures own the designs to both Alan Dick and FLI telecom tower ranges, we are uniquely placed to offer the most comprehensive and well informed Global Design Checks available.

In addition to supplying full ranges of Alan Dick Broadcast towers, we can survey and analyse existing telecom, lattice towers or masts, with a view to adding equipment or extending. We will determine whether strengthening is required, if it is feasible and devise a suitable solution. FLI can also assess foundation stability and undertake condition surveys.

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With full in-house design, fabrication and installation capabilities, FLI can offer solutions for essential upgrading and strengthening work. In many projects,  additional equipment is required, necessitating strengthening and provision of new mounting steelwork. Upgrades can also include paint, bolt changes, staircase, ladder and platform installations, anti-climb or fall arrest additions and of course remedial repair works to existing structures.

Tower strengthening lattice tower upgrades

5G Headframe Development

5G antennas and ancillaries are larger and heavier than previous generations of comms equipment, so need larger headframes on existing towers. FLI have developed a range of 5G headframes for lattice towers and monopoles, using either yokes, or double and triple ring designs. FLI’s planning friendly solutions allow for current and future loadings with working platforms to enhance the rigging crew's safety at height.  Spatial separation  for the active and passive antennas allows maintenance of equipment to take place with minimal or no outages.  

5g headframe development lattice towers