5G Surmounted Headframe

A new headframe designed for 5G applications, as both an original installation or upgrade to existing towers or monopoles. Being mounted above the tower enables a larger clear working area on a smaller diameter headframe, which in turn produces a lower wind loading, increasing the number of existing structures which can accept 5G antennas.

Design Development

FLI has been designing and manufacturing telecommunications structures for over 70 years. We work with networks and installers throughout headframe development and service, delivering design trials, training installations and upgrade paths. 

High Capacity Headframes

Overmounted headframes can carry multiple operators and provide maintenance access without outage. With more space and the option for additional frames, these solutions can support 5G installations and offer additional capacity for the future.


Yoke Headframes

These have the least visual impact and offer an alternative when planning restrictions initially rule out full headframes.
All the components are interchangeable, so upgrades to larger headframes are straightforward.

Bespoke Installations

FLI's in-house design teams produce solutions, from the lightest hand carry-able, hand installed frames, to large diameter multiple site share platforms on heavy duty towers.