Lattice Towers for mobile networks and 5G towers.

Lattice Towers

With a 70 year history in lattice tower production and the more recent acquisition of Alan Dick Towers and Masts, FLI has a full range of 'off the shelf' options which can save on design costs. Lattice towers typically provide a more flexible solution compared to monopoles, allowing for additional antenna and providing more flexibility in the feeder installation and good access to the telecoms equipment. They are also easier to extend for future additional antenna or users.
FLI manufacture various types of Lattice Towers from slender single-user options to large multi-user switch structures.

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FLI provide a full range of monopoles as an alternative to lattices for urban or semi-urban environments. Our monopoles are available typically up to 30 metres and can be designed to support between 1 and 4 users or sets of antenna. Monopoles are the slimmest structural option and our dual, three or four user models can be shared between operators to help with planning issues.

Monopoles for 5G mobile networks

Telecom Trees

For sites with planning constraints or specific aesthetic requirements FLI has designed a selection of telecom masts in the form of artificial trees. Our trees have been installed for all the major networks in many locations throughout the world and are used as solutions in sensitive areas such as Snowdonia and Canary Wharf.

Telecom Trees for 5G networks

FLI design, fabricate and install Guyed Masts

Guyed Masts

FLI has designed, manufactured and installed guyed masts around the world and have a large selection of parallel mast modules with guy attachments available for a range of applications. Guyed masts are the most structurally efficient and cost effective way to support equipment at height, if there is land available to accomodate the guy footprint.


With full in-house design, fabrication and installation capabilities, FLI can offer solutions for essential upgrading and strengthening work. In many projects,  additional equipment is required, necessitating strengthening and provision of new mounting steelwork. Upgrades can also include paint, bolt changes, staircase, ladder and platform installations, anti-climb or fall arrest additions and of course remedial repair works to existing structures.

Strengthening of lattice towers and telecoms towers

Global Design Checks & Structural Analysis from FLI Structures

Global Design Checks & Structural Analysis

FLI can survey and analyse existing towers or masts, with a view to adding equipment or extending. We can determine whether strengthening is required, if it is feasible and devise a solution. FLI can also assess foundation stability and undertake condition surveys. As we own the designs to both Alan Dick and FLI telecom tower ranges, we are uniquely placed to offer the most comprehensive and well informed Global Design Checks available.

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Towers & Monopoles Guide

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