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Lattice Towers

With 70 years in lattice tower production and the acquisition of Alan Dick Towers and Masts, FLI has the UKs most extensive range of 'off the shelf' designs which can save on development costs. Lattice towers typically provide a more flexible solution than monopoles, allowing for additional antenna and providing more flexibility in the feeder installation and good access to the telecoms equipment. They are also easier to extend for future additional antenna or users.
FLI manufacture various types of Lattice Towers from slender single-user options to large multi-user switch structures.

5G standard duty & SRN heavy duty Tower

ATS 1300
A new tower developed for the loadings of the new networks, the ATS 1300 is a more economical solution than upgraded older designs. Available up to 50 metres and capable of site share. 

5g lattice tower ATS 1300 FLI mobile phone tower

T3a Heavy duty 5g tower for windy sites

5G heavy duty Tower

Another new tower, designed for larger antennas, more ancillary equipment and sites with the highest windspeeds. Perfectly suited to site share, available as an off-the-shelf design up to 40 metres and with the option of rapid deployment steel foundations.

Low profile & installation without plant

A parallel tower with a low profile well suited to sensitive planning sites. Available in heights up to 40m. The SLP4 can be assembled by hand with a derrick and combined with FLI's hand-buildable gravity base for a complete installation without needing any plant. Ideal for remote locations or sites with particularly difficult access.

AD 1503 planning friendly lattice tower

5G Rooftop Stub Towers

RRUs, MHAs and active routers are mounted at the base of the structure on the roof grillage. Access to this equipment does not require climbing or powering down the antennas.

5g rooftop towers stub lattice tower FLI

AD1003 lattice tower FLI Structures Alan Dick

AD 1003 F

FLI has taken the industry standard 1003 and refined the design. With welded modules 3m or 6m high, this low profile triangular lattice tower is suited to Cross-Polar antennas and has deflection criteria suitable for microwave links.

Towers & Monopoles Guide 

Guyed Masts

FLI have built and installed guyed masts around the world and have a large selection of parallel mast modules with guy attachments designed for these applications. They are the most cost effective way to support equipment at height, if the land is available to accommodate the guy footprint.


Guyed masts telecommunications masts guyed

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