Telecom Trees - Cypress

For sites with planning constraints or specific aesthetic requirements FLI has designed a selection of telecom masts in the form of artificial trees. Our trees have been installed for all the major networks in many locations throughout the world and are used as solutions in sensitive areas such as Snowdonia and Windsor Park.

Pine Trees

Our pine tree, with it's larger crown, is able to carry more equipment than a Cypress tree, including site share capability, work platforms and permanent access.

5G Trees

FLI trees have a strong track record as the highest quality products, operating successfully for years across the world. Our successful designs have now been updated and both the Cypress and Pine trees are able to carry 5G installations.


FLI provide a full range of monopoles as an alternative to lattices for urban or semi-urban environments. Our monopoles are available typically up to 30 metres and can be designed to support between 1 and 4 users or sets of antenna. Monopoles are the slimmest structural option and our dual, three or four user models can be shared between operators to help with planning issues.

Towers & Monopoles Guide

5G monopoles

FLI's monopoles with 5G headframes can provide safe working zones for maintenance without powering down or the slimmest possible profiles to ease the planning process. New solutions are being continually developed to meet all our customers needs.