5G Site Upgrades

With a library of designs and in-house engineering for bespoke solutions, these grillage foundations can upgrade compounds for larger towers, without site enlargement and without removing the existing concrete foundation. Also bridge existing services, fit into tight sites and upgrade existing high load towers for multiple users.  Entire foundations are installed in as little as two shifts and easily removed and recycled at end of life.

Grillage Platforms

Enabling the use of the smallest compounds and sites with slopes or conjested services, platforms for cabinets and access can be installed above the grillage foundation.

Screwpiles & Micropiles

FLI is a major manufacturer of large diameter screw piles and micropiles, with engineering expertise able to produce solutions for the most challenging sites. These piles work with our grillages to produce rapid deployment foundations that are a very cost effective choice in situations that are anything less than ideal for mass concrete.

Screwpiles & Grillages for Streetworks

These steel screwpiles and grillages replace concrete root foundations. With no concrete in the foundation, there is no cure time so the whole installation can happen in a single period on site. Excavation is minimal, buried services can be bridged or avoided, feeder management is through the pile and the cabinets can be mounted on small, single screwpiles in a matter of minutes.

FLI Streetworks Guide